Cennik dotyczy filtrów TROX w wykonaniu : rama aluminiowa, uszczelka wylewana i siatka ochronna po stronie przeciwnej.
Filtry HEPA serii H14 nie mają zgodnie z normą załączonych skantestów indywidualnych, ale na życzenie takie atesty możemy dołączyć - patrz cennik.

Towar importowany - ceny NETTO, bez podatku VAT23%, wyliczone dla kursu EUR na dzień 23-03-2020.


TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-457X610X69/530, 2-A-4 
00457/00610/00069 H14
  385,86 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-610X610X69/750, 2-A-4 
00610/00610/00069 H14
  435,45 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-762X305X69/440, 2-A-4 
00762/00305/00069 H14
  362,09 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-915X457X69/810, 2-A-4 
00915/00457/00069 H14
  559,59 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-1220X457X69/1090, 2-A-4 
01220/00457/00069 H14
  618,35 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-610X1220X69/1450, 2-A-4 
01220/00610/00069 H14
  713,63 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-457X610X117/580, 2-A-2 
00457/00610/00117 H14
  438,71 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-610X610X117/820, 2-A-2 
00610/00610/00117 H14
  507,83 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-762X305X117/480, 2-A-2 
00762/00305/00117 H14
  507,83 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-915X457X117/870, 2-A-2 
00915/00457/00117 H14
  411,77 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-1220X457X117/1170, 2-A-2 
01220/00457/00117 H14
  717,36 zł
TROX BESTFIL-H14-20-H-610X1220X117/1600, 2-A-2 
01220/00610/00117 H14
  838,17 zł
SCANTEST   (na życzenie)     56,61 zł


Wersje wykonań i parametry filtrów HEPA firmy TROX:

Technical data according to EN 1822 TROX BESTFIL
Filtration class E10-E12, H13-H14
Material Hydrophobic filter paper from glass fibres
Possibility of regeneration No
Supply of material Frame widths: 46, 54, 69, 75, 78, 117, 150 and 292 mm
Filter frame The standard frame is made of hydrophobic medium-density fireboard - MDF; on request, the frame can also be made of zinc-coated sheet, multi-layer wooden board, aluminium or stainless steel.
Separators The MINIPLEAT technology is used; the separators are formed by melt adhesive treated by a subsequent thermal treatment. In special case, it is possible to use the technology of inserted aluminium separators.
Filter pleat sealing in the frame Two-component polyurethane sealant.
Seals A special section made of EPDM - sponge rubber with closed surface. Types of seals: flat, semi-circular, and double-edged. Flat seals, gel seals, U-sections, and seals for high temperatures.
Quality All filters undergo the oil mist seepage test for faultlessness; for extra charge, Scantest can be carried out, including a test certificate.